How to Edit Images

An introduction to images and how to edit images using WordPress.



Every image is made up of coloured dots or pixels.  The more pixels there are per square inch the better the quality of the picture will appear.

A good quality digital camera, and most new mobile phones, are capable of taking photographs with millions of pixels in them.  But as a general rule, your website will not need that many.

The reason for that is that most computer screens cannot display enough pixels to make it worthwhile having them.


Size and Weight

It might be best to clear up what we mean by 'size' when talking about images.

An image's width and height are measured in pixels.  This is its size.

On your website, each photo is sitting in a box of a set size.  If you try to put in a picture that is larger than the box the website will try to accommodate it.  But this can stretch boxes and upset the layout, or cause the picture not to load at all.

The total number of pixels making up the picture give it a weight.  This is more accurately referred to as its resolution.

The weight of an image determines its quality and how quickly it will download.  There is a balance to be achieved between quality and speed.

For that reason, we must try to limit both the size and weight of images on your website.


What size pictures to use?

The largest size needed for your website is 1024 pixels wide.  An image of this width would fill the screen.

When you upload an image to the Library, WordPress automatically makes three additional copies of the image in different sizes - Thumbnail, Medium and Large.

If the photo you upload is a small one, it may only be able to make Thumbnail and Medium copies.  It cannot make pictures larger than the version you upload.


How to edit a photo within WordPress

The first thing to do is upload your photo into the Library.

In the Library click on the photo you wish to edit.

A new window opens.  Click on the Edit Image button under the picture.

Another window opens with buttons to perform some basic editing.



On the right hand side of the Edit Image screen is a section called Scale Image.  This is where you can reduce the size and weight of your photos.

Here you will see the original dimensions of your image.

If the width of the image is significantly greater than 1024, type the number 1024 into the first box.  

WordPress will automatically work out how tall to make the image and put that figure into the second box.

Click on Scale to set the new size.

Your image is now saved.



Drag over the image to highlight the part you wish to keep.

Click on Crop and the new image is ready.

Click on the Undo arrow if you want to go back.



Click on one of the Rotate buttons to rotate the image either clockwise or anti-clockwise.



Click on one of the Flip buttons to flip the image over either horizontally or vertically.

Remember to click Save when finished.


You should now be able to upload and edit images by changing their size and weight, as well as crop, rotate and flip them.