Renewing your Hosting


90€ per year
  • Hosting
  • Maintenance
  • Back Ups
  • Security Pro

You Have a Second Website?

Host 2 sites for 160€ per year

Your Hosting Package: The Details


Hosting is the rental of server space, and it is where all the files of your website are stored.

I will supply you with all the necessary login details for you to be able to access the Control Panel for your hosting account.



The software that runs your website is under constant development and refinement.  As new techniques become available, or weaknesses are identified, the software is updated.

It is essential that these updates are made with as little delay as possible to ensure that your site is running at its very best.

Your Hosting Package includes Maintenance, so I will check your website on a daily basis for new updates.

If new updates are available I will install them and ensure that they are 'playing nicely' with the rest of your site.


Accidents happen, and when they do your website can suddenly disappear off the face of the internet.

At times like that nothing beats the feeling of relief that you have a backup copy of your site safely stored away.

As your Hosting Package includes Backups, every week I will keep a back up of your site, and if disaster strikes I can have it restored in no time.

Your backup will include all your pages, posts, photos, tables and menus and will be stored on a separate 'cloud' server for easy access.


Security Pro

Your website is built on a very secure platform and problems are very rare.

However, attempts to compromise websites are almost constant, either by people trying to second-guess your Username and Password, or by 'bots' searching for vulnerabilities and bombarding the site to gain access.

The consequences of a successful attack on your site can be extremely harmful.  They can also lead to your site being 'blacklisted' and made inaccessible, even after the threat has been removed.

I make use of a heavy-duty program that provides another layer of security and that monitors your site 24/7 to watch for attackers.