The Availability Calendar

1  Login to the Dashboard.

2  Scroll down the left hand side of the Dashboard to the WP Simple Availability Calendar

3  Selecting WP Simple Booking Calendar shows a sub-menu.

4  Click on Calendars.
5  Select the Calendar you wish to edit.
6  Your Calendar now opens in editing mode.

There are two ways to add bookings to your calendar:
Method 1
7  Select the month and year you need using the arrows on the calendar on the left.
8  You can select individual days in the calendar and change their status from Available to Booked by clicking the arrowheads and choosing Booked.

Changeover 1 and Changeover 2 can be used to show Arrival and Departure days.
You can add notes to the side of the booking.  These notes do not appear on the front end of the site.
9  When finished click on Save Changes.

Method 2
7  Use the Start date/End date calendar to select the relevant dates.
Change the status to Booked.

8  Click on Apply changes to see how the new dates look.
9  Click on Save Changes.
Your Calendar is now updated and can be checked by going to Visit Site.