Your Website - What's included?

The standard website package costs 399€ and includes the following:

A 7-page Website

For a rental property website this would typically include the following pages:

  • Homepage
  • Property description
  • Contact 
  • Booking
  • Location & Travel
  • Local information
  • Photo Gallery

Other pages that could be considered:

  • About
  • Blog

Additional pages, above the standard seven, will be charged at 30€ each.


A Domain Name of your choosing

Your Domain Name is your address on the internet and choosing a good one is becoming more difficult.

The name needs to be memorable, relevant, as short as possible ... and available!

I would always recommend a .com name.  If that is taken and you wish to target UK customers then would be seem to be the obvious choice, but if someone is already using the .com version you might be better choosing a different name.

A good combination for property websites is the name of the house coupled with the location.  This is particularly true when there may be several properties with the same name.

Try to avoid using hyphens, as well as names that will always have to be spelt out or explained.

Your Domain will be registered in your name.  You don't strictly speaking 'own' it.  There is an annual fee to maintain the registration of 16€ for a .com, 8€ for a name*.

(* price as of June 2018)


Your Site Hosted for 1 Year

Hosting is the rental of server space and it is offered free of charge for the first year.

From the second year, I would be happy to offer you a fully-serviced hosting package at an annual fee of 90€.

However, there is no obligation for you to continue with my hosting if an alternative were to suit you better.


12 Month Servicing Package

The Servicing Package is included free of charge for the first year.

On a daily basis I check that everything is functioning properly and that any updates to the software are installed.

On a weekly basis a Backup is made of your entire site and stored in a secure location.

From the second year, the Servicing Package is included in the Hosting Package.


12 Month Security Package

The Security Package is also included for the first year.

Protecting a website from malicious attacks is a specialised job.  For that reason I use a professional piece of software called iThemes Security Pro.

Once set up, this will provide the best possible protection against Brute Force Attacks and will detect unauthorised changes to your site's files.

This level of Security comes at a price, but is included in your Hosting Package.


What will you have to provide?

The Content

In essence, you will need to supply the text and the photographs.

We will discuss which pages best fit with your situation and how to go about putting together the content. We will look at the best way to make the text attractive to search engines.

The quality of your photographs is what will help to make the site stand out.  You should aim to supply digital photographs of the highest possible resolution.  Some mobile phones produce reasonable results, but ideally a good quality camera should be used.